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Candy Shop Album

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  • Hard Candy is the eleventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Madonna, released on April 25, 2008, by Warner Bros. Records. It was her final studio album with the record company, marking the end of a 25 year recording history.
  • “Candy Shop” is the second single by rapper 50 Cent from his second commercial album The Massacre (2005). It features R&B singer Olivia, and was written by 50 Cent. The song, which is a mid-tempo dancefloor track.


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candy shop album

Madonna Set – Licorice

Madonna Set - Licorice
When Madonna’s then upcoming album "Hard Candy" was in the works not a lot of details were known. We knew the song titles of two songs, one of them being "Candy Shop" and we knew that the was going to have an urban edge to it. When creating a new signature picture to use on Madonna forums I combined the two elements, black music and candy, black candy and came up with a fake album title Licorice.

After using the picture for a while it started to travel across the web, with people thinking it was real. I always cleared up the misunderstanding, but then published an article stating that Madonna’s upcoming album was going to be called "Licorice", a report that was soon picked up by media worldwide. CNN, BBC, MTV, VH1, etc, all reported "Licorice" as the title.

All based on my fake fan creation. This is probably my most famous creation.

Madonna Set – Candy Shop

Madonna Set - Candy Shop
A signature created when I first heard the new song title "Candy Shop". I knew that the upcoming album would be Urban Music. So I created an image with an urban outfit and Madonna blowing a bubble with some chewing gum.

This is one of my most famous or infamous creations and ended up being used on several internet sites, youtube videos, etc. Recently a fan even created a t-shirt and wore it to NY where top photographer Steven Klein (my favourite photographer ever) and good friend of Madonna caught a glimpse of it and took a picture of the t-shirt with my design on it.